Little by little Products Overview

All of our products are grown here on our farm naturally and organically. Go to the Order page to purchase these!


Naturally Raised Turkeys


Thanks to all who placed an order!

This is our ninth year of selling turkeys! We are growing and learning every year.

Our turkeys are a mix of females and males. There are two different breeds: broad-breasted bronze and bourbon red breed. The bourbon red breed is a ‘heritage’ breed and is smaller in weight than the broad-breasted bronze. However we have no preference, they are both wonderful breeds.


Raw Organic Honey

This is our second year with honey and we could not be more excited!

From bee hives right on our farm! Our honey is clover and wildflower. We do not add anything to the honey or use any chemicals in this process. We bottle our honey in glass jars to avoid any chemicals as well. They will be available for purchase on pickup day.

The price is $11 per 8 oz bottle.


Organic Guatemalan Coffee

Along with the honey, this is our first year selling coffee! We are coffee lovers and we hope you try the coffee we love and drink every day!

This coffee is pure Guatemalan coffee beans roasted here in Indianapolis. These are going to be sold in whole beans to ensure their freshness for your morning coffee! They will be available for purchase on pickup day.

The price is $13 per 1 lb bag.